About This Project


My name is Christopher. This may have been given away by the URL, but still. Better to give too much information than not enough.

In June 2014, I moved house for the sixtieth time. To break it down, that’s:

– 60 bedrooms
– 22 schools
– 3 states
– 2 territories
– 2 islands in the Torres Strait
– 45 lost/forgotten wall clocks (approx.)
– 88 pieces of crockery that broke in transit (approx.)
– 180 shitty showers because I hadn’t yet figured out the tap configuration (approx.)
– 5,000 assembled/disassembled cardboard boxes (approx.)
– 1,000,000,000,000,000 metres of packing tape (approx.)

All in 33 years.

With this blog, I tell a story about every address I’ve ever had, in chronological order. Sometimes the residence itself might not be a focal point of the story; but the story will hopefully cover the most significant thing that happened during my (sometimes quite brief) time there.

Some stories will be long; some will be short. Some will be sad (hopefully not too sad); some will be funny (hopefully far too funny).

All stories will be true.

UPDATE: Since finishing this blog I have continued to move house: I have included stories about the new places too. Because I’m thorough.

This photo and the banner photo were taken by the incredibly talented Bodie Strain.


10 thoughts on “About This Project

  1. OK. I’ve just sat here and read all 24 posts. I don’t want to have to wait until next week, I want THEM ALL NOW.

    And, I love you. That is all.

    • Oh, Ruth. Thank you! But I can’t give them to you all at once. I need the week in between each story to faff about with the pictures. I faff about a LOT. I need my precious faff-time! Now I’ve said “faff” too much and it’s lost all meaning. Faff. Faff. Faff.

    • Thank you so much, Nina! I’m pretty sure if it got adapted into a film, the film would be immediately dismissed for being too far-fetched. 😛

  2. Well done Christopher, heard your interview on Joy 94.9 in Melbourne this morning, congratulations on the initiative and looking forward to reading the blogs form the start. all signed up and ready to go on the journey.

    Cheers Greg

    • Thanks Greg! And WELCOME! Bring a packed lunch because if you’re going from the start it’s gonna get suuuuuper wordy up in here. 😀

  3. Hi Chris, I’m the owner of the house you lived in, in 1995! I stumbled across your blog today as I was looking up something else to do with William Street. I’ve owned the house for about 25 years & I’m sorry I don’t recall any of you living there but it was rented through agents mostly. What a fascinating story and amazing life of moving from place to place. I’ve lived in the house several times as well and it’s a lovely house, set down the hill away from the rest of the town. Very private. I’m tempted to not paint it now in case you do make a film of your story! It’s been completely repainted inside and looks great. The bathroom floor is still slate! I can almost see you scrambling in and out of the corner window as a child. Oh, and my little sister may well have been in your class at that time! Cheers for now……

    • Rhonda, I’m so glad you wrote this! I had wondered if my photos would ever attract the interest of either current residents or the house owners. You’re the very first one, and I’m so glad it’s you because I have written some shady stuff about some of the houses I’ve lived in, but I really did love yours! That house is straight up the best thing about that whole town for me. And you’re right, it’s in a gorgeous quiet little pocket on the corner. I hope the people who live there now love it as much as I did, and I hope they use the doors instead of the windows: I can recommend the doors as being waaaay more comfortable. 😀

  4. Hi Christopher in your story “1) 1985-86. Elliot Street, Gin Gin QLD 4671” I can tell you 100% that is the right address. That’s my mum Yvonne “Von” Chase in the photo. You lived in the unit closest to the road and mum and dad lived at the back.

    • Thank you for this confirmation! And, though this may sound silly or trite, thank you for having parents who were so nice to me. Nice adults were few and far between when I was growing up, and Vic & Yvonne couldn’t have been lovelier. My love to you and your family.

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